Learn to heal yourself and others.

Learn Reiki- The Spiritually Guiding Life Force Energy. (Level I) 

26th April, 2016.

Time 11am-2pm.

Grand Master Poonam Sharma

For more details,

contact 9872771591

Fee- Rs 3100

Special students discount


Benefits of Reiki
*Reiki is a gentle positive universal life force energy that relaxes you to the core 
*when a person gives a reiki treatment, they also receive a reiki treatment
*Reiki can only do good. You can never get any negativity out of it. 
*Reiki helps in all aspects of life-physical, mental, emotional 
*Boosts the body's own assistant to fight ailments 
* Removes negativity from any space be it your home or office 
*helps in better sleep 
*clears our bodily toxins and stagnant energies 
*it has the intelligence to reach the root cause of the issue and treat it 
*deep level relaxation, releases stress and tension 
*can help to focus in exams, job interviews and so on
*very useful in healing pains and acute conditions 
*removes energy blockages 
*promotes positive outlook towards life 
*Reiki is a beautiful energy and the list is endless. Allow this divine light into your lives for a better future! 
Make your dreams your reality!

Tarot Reading Training Online

No matter which part of the globe you are sitting in, you can participate in this course easily. After the huge demand of people around the world, we are offering this Online Tarot Course which is starting 23rd April 2016, 8:00 pm IST

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EFT workshop in September! Enroll now!

EFTtttEmotional Freedom Technique or EFT or Tapping is a clinically  proven technique to get rid of anxiety, depression, food cravings, addictions and much more! Almost a magical way to treat mental illnesses, EFT is considered to be a very effective and an instant way to relieve stress and free yourself of disturbing thoughts. 

Krish Consultations, under the aegis of Poonam Sharma, is now going to organize an EFT workshop in Jalandhar in September. Read below to know the details. 

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Poonam Sharma

I celebrate the love, the spirit and the unbound force in you! Remember, you are not here by accident or intrigue or even exploration. It’s a meeting scheduled in the divine scheme of things. You might think you view these words in your quest to heal your hurt but know that you are the healer, the master.

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Instant Tarot Reading cropNow get a reading within just 24 Hours. Type in your query and all the details and get effective and accurate predictions in no time! 

Click here for details. 



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