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One of the most frequent queries that we, Tarot readers, receive is that does the client need to be physically present with the Tarot reader while getting a reading. The answer to this question is that an experienced interprets irrespective of the face expression.

The tarot reader has to concentrate on the cards, the Divine, Querent’s energy and the question. So face expression is not important here.

Online readings are done successfully by some tarot readers. They can be general readings or detailed readings.

Some time querent (the one who asks a question) asks specific questions that can also be answered on phone, via email, chat or face to face. It all depends upon the convenience and availability of resourses. Face to face, chat or phone readings are preferred because the querent is able to ask in detail and is able to make a decision according to the options given by the tarot reader.

An expert Tarot Reader connects with querent’s energy whether he/she is in front of him or away from him. Cosmic energy that connects works beyond time and space.

It is better to take the reading when your tarot reader gives you time. You should not force a reading on your Tarot reader. Tarot reader can draw cards on your behalf even if you are physically present there.

Energy knows no boundaries so tarot also is not dependent on physical presence.