This course will teach you the basics of the Tarot (78 picture cards used to reveal hidden truths).  Learn how to do readings for yourself, friends and relatives. Developed for the beginner, the class provides structural meanings and interpretations of each suit and spread and shows you how to perform readings.  Along with the basics, you'll also learn about different types of decks, the history and the tips and tricks to help you become a ‘master reader'.
    * Lesson 1 - Introduction to the Tarot
--- A little history, some philosophy and a rationale

* Elements of the Tarot
    * Lesson 2 - The Major Arcana
--- Fool's Journey
    * Lesson 3 - The Minor Arcana
    * Lesson 4 - The Spread

* Doing Readings
    * Lesson 5 - The Daily Reading
    * Lesson 6 - The Environment - inner and outer
    * Lesson 7 - Writing a Question
    * Lesson 8 - The Question Reading
--- Shuffling Methods
--- Step-by-Step procedure
* Meaning of each card using symbolism, imagery and elements
* The cards will enable you to sort issues regarding money, relationships, life questions etc.
*  The lessons consist of study material, practical exercises, free tarot deck and manual

Hopefully by the end of the course, you'll have developed a taste for reading the cards and will be inspired to continue to work on your skills. It's worth the time and effort to develop this truly wonderful gift that you can share with those you love.

Reading Tarot Cards gives you access to spiritual knowledge revealing new insights and options. Readings can provide hope in re-envisioning life's journey, plus support and reaffirmation of what is already known. Readings can help us to answer some of life's biggest questions, and so much more. You do not need to have a well developed spiritual connection or ‘psychic power' in order to get valuable information from the tarot cards.

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Poonam Sharma

I celebrate the love, the spirit and the unbound force in you! Remember, you are not here by accident or intrigue or even exploration. It’s a meeting scheduled in the divine scheme of things. You might think you view these words in your quest to heal your hurt but know that you are the healer, the master.

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