It's been decades that I am practicing tarot, chakra healing, Reiki and various metaphysical modalities that I find myself effortlessly tap into energy in people, which helps me a great deal in finding meaning of a given situation beyond the traditional meanings of tarot and getting an insight into the future in a much more intuitive and accurate way. 

With Tarot, 

  • I can easily see what's blocking you.
  • I can see the resistance which is preventing you to receive the desired results.  
  • I can get an insight into the beliefs that you are holding inside you since childhood or even past births - what has led you to the present situation?
  • I can also see what can help you in achieving the future of your dreams. 

Get a personal reading from me and unlock the joyous treasures of fortune, today. The tarot readings at Krish Consulations let you unbolt the deepest cognitive powers of your inner self. A reading with us is not only accurate and effective, but also a great tool to show you what you need to know about your situation, and your choices in life ahead. 

"Poonam Ma'am gave me an amazing reading! She answered all my questions thoroughly and with her great interpretation, I was able to gain a great clarity about my situation. I was also given the guidance that I needed to move ahead in life. I highly recommend a reading with her to anyone who is not just looking to know about their future, but also know the reason behind the manifestation of our present situation.”
~ Anonymous.

Try a Tarot reading with a Tarot Deck designed by me, and you’ll be surprised at what you discover! You can get your Tarot Reading done on phone, Tarot Reading via email (Read about Instant Tarot Reading) and even on Skype! Tarot reading in Hindi, English and Punjabi is done as per your choice.

Get a Tarot Forecast Now!

  • Call 9872771591 to book a session.
  • Online and phone consultation available.

Specific Tarot Spreads (as per your requirements)

 Relationship Spread

(20 Minutes)-

Rs. 3100





Love Spread

(20 Minutes)

Rs 3100




Go with the flow Spread

(30 Minutes)

Rs 5100



Career Spread

(20 Minutes)

Rs 3100





Decision making Spread

(20 Minutes)

Rs. 3100

 Marital Issues Spread

(30 Minutes)

Rs. 5100

Chakra Spread

(25 Minutes)

Rs. 3500

Astrology Planets Spread


Rs. 3500

Bank Details:

 ICICI Bank Manimajra, Chandigarh-Account number 036205000887 in the name of Krish Consultations. Scan a copy of deposit slip and email it on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Poonam Sharma

I celebrate the love, the spirit and the unbound force in you! Remember, you are not here by accident or intrigue or even exploration. It’s a meeting scheduled in the divine scheme of things. You might think you view these words in your quest to heal your hurt but know that you are the healer, the master.

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Instant Tarot Reading cropNow get a reading within just 24 Hours. Type in your query and all the details and get effective and accurate predictions in no time! 

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