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Numerology is the study of numbers and their energetic powers to affect our personal characteristics and lives’ events. Numerology is also medium to explore the great chasm of spirituality.

Numerology fundamentally functions on the sum of numbers in your birth date & the numerological equivalents of the letters in your name. Interestingly, numbers and mathematical principles are basis of many other forms of divination, including Tarot and Astrology. This is perhaps one of the reasons why Numerology is a way to begin your self-exploration and enhancement!

The basis of analysis in Numerology is a sum of three principal factors - moment of your birth, name your parents gave you and the name that you now use, all of which influence your identity throughout your life.See what numbers repeat in your life.When major events in your life happened! Your vehicle number ,mobile number and house number-all make an impact.If things are not working in your life then you must get your numerology reading. Numerology is an easy way to know what makes you exceptional and what your destiny holds for you!If you want to change something in life then change your numbers now.

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