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You’ve grown up with the magnificent imagery of the glorious halo of the saints and deities. You might have thought that it’s just a symbolization of enlightenment – a state of being you thought was only attainable through forsaking the lures of mortality.

Perhaps you’ve never wondered that u might also have that same magical orb encircling you. YES YOU DO! Having an aura isn’t just a metaphorical expression. It’s a scientific reality.

What is Aura?

Science acknowledges and describes aura as bio-energy vibrations radiating in all directions. Every physical being emanates and radiates energies that sum up its existence. The effectual area of influence of these energies is called Aura. Auras serve as a biometric measure of the state of the physical body and in their vitality also alert you of impending occurrences. Like our fingerprints, the stripes on a zebra or the rosettes of a leopard, the aura of every physical being, object or space has its own characteristic appearance and dynamics. Every aura is distinctive in shape and is in a constant state of unrest and fluctuation, reflecting our constantly changing mental phases and situations.


Our aura consists of multiple layers made up of physical radiations, our etheric being, our neural reflective patterns and the spiritual energies of our ambient space. Grandmaster Diviner Poonam has the gift of psychic perception. Her remarkable meditative abilities and expertise have enabled her inner eye to visualize auric frequencies and perceive your problems and unveil your potential. She supplements your auric reading with scientifically aided AURA SCANNING. Aura scanning, based on bio-energic-feedback, analyzes your energy field through Krish Universal Aura Scanner that has a revolutionary bio-energic sensor that picks up your energy and reflects the frequencies in the form of a colour spectrum. Each colour of the spectrum reflects the vibrational frequency of the person or object being scanned. This reveals the traits, the aptitude, the mental state, the spiritual field, the present and the future of the subject.

The advanced imaging technology of the Krish Universal Aura Scanner couple with the divine psychic abilities of Grandmaster Diviner Poonam can unveil certain qualities or facets of your lives that you might never have thought existed. Aura Photography can also provide invaluable information and insight that is extremely beneficial and individualistic.

At every aura scanning session, the Grandmaster Diviner Poonam captures the auric field and the various energies emitted by you through Aura Photography LIVE! So, get your Aura Scanning Session booked today and get insights on what ails you and what’s in store for you.

Your comprehensive Aura Test report reveals —

Your Unique Traits and behavioural patterns

Your Financial and Power Karma

Spiritual Insight

Your self-healing prowess

Near-Future Insights

The karmic baggage of your past that’s affecting your present

Grandmaster Diviner Poonam also does aura clearings and attunements at every aura scanning session, upon solicitation and recommendation. Myriad aspects of your magical aura are unexplored. At our aura scanning session you are sensitivized to these unknown faces of your being. You’ll also understand the enlightening presence of the omniscient around you and maybe you will connect with your delightful soul to unleash your inner true self!

Buy Now: Know your Aura Report- Rs 5100

(Send your full body picture in white/light colour clothes at with subject- Know Your Aura Report)

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Download Free Reiki Book