Objective of the program is to enable the participants to consciously:

  • Engage in the basic skills of the counseling or psychotherapy session: listening, influencing, and structuring an effective session with individual and multicultural sensitivity.
  • Master a basic structure of the session that can be applied to many different theories:
    • Develop an empathic relationship with the client.
    • Draw out the client’s story, giving special attention to strengths and resources.
    • Set clear goals with the client.
    • Enable the client to think differently about concerns, issues, and challenges.
    • Help the client move to action outside the session.
    • Integrate ethics and positive psychology/wellness into counseling practice.
  • Analyze with considerable precision their own natural style of helping and, equally or perhaps more important, how their counseling style is received by clients.

Facilitator – Arushi Sharma
Duration – 30 Days