Geopathic Stress

Do you constantly feel depressed and unwell, physically and mentally?

Geopathic Stress

Do you constantly feel depressed and unwell, physically and mentally? Did your health problems suddenly appear or worsen after moving to a new home or work place? Do feel lighter and livelier when you’re away from your home?

Is any member of your family feeling troubled or suffocated in the atmosphere of your house?

Does your house or the work place have a diseased history?

Do you feel success has started deserting you since you moved to you new place?

Are there different subways and pipeline running under your house or the plumbing malfunctioning regularly?

Does any part of your home feel too damp and uneasy?

Perhaps you’ve never thought about it. Maybe you’ve never imagined that cause of your problems is actually not an influence of the karmas. You might have suspected but never believed that the reason of your hurt, pain and misery is infact the very place you live in. THIS IS NOT A FLEETING DEPRESSIVE PHASE. THIS IS GEOPHATIC STRESS: the stress inflicted by the contaminated or disturbed aura of your house or work place.


Geopathic Stress is caused by energetic vibrations of the earth the Earths which arise in the core and then get distorted by the blurry electromagnetic fields created by underground water currents, certain mineral concentrations, subterranean electrical wiring, fault lines, abnormal disturbances et al. The distorted vibrations reach disturbingly high frequencies and then manifest in the form of diseases, illnesses, discomfort and depleted energy in humans.

Common Symptoms of Geopathic Stress are:
Constant resistance to medical treatment, a mysterious lack of energy and zest for life, nervousness, depression, loss of appetite.
Sleeping disorders like: insomnia, restless sleep, feeling cold, cramps, tingling in arms and legs, sleep walking, grinding of teeth and nightmares.
Recurring morning sickness.
Bed wetting and continuous crying by children.

NEVER SLEEPING IN A GS PLACE – Disturbed Sleep means Geopathic Stress!

Geopathic Stress is the strongest after nightfall because of the effect of the moon. So, if your house is under Geopathic Stress, u shall also be exposed to GS most during sleep. If you are under GS, then your brain has to work twice as hard during sleep to fight it. That’s why, with no rest to the brain, your sleep is disrupted and you wake up feeling fatigued as if you’ve just run a marathon.
Also during sleep your body recovers its lost quota of vitamins and minerals and works at restoring the hormonal balance. Sleeping under Geopathic Stress interferes with this process, thereby weakening your immune system.

BUT your body can rejuvenate and restore its healthy lively self when Geopathic Stress has been cleared out of your system and dwelling.


Geopathic Stress ails most of the people who are depressed & suicidal. Even more worrisome is the fact that 80% of people who get divorced (one or both spouses) have Geopathic Stress and they have never known about. DON’T BE ONE OF THEM. GET A CLEARING TODAY!

Can You Detect If I And My Family Are GEOPATHIC STRESSED?

Yes! It is my honour and my duty as a MASTER GEOPATHIC HEALER. Go to my Contact Us Sectionand write to me your problems, giving your name, exact address. Also indicate any long term illness and serious illness. And I shall most definitely get back to you with my analysis. MAY THE WORLD BE HEALED! When we have easy remedies to cure Geopathic Stress then why suffer.

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