Each and every client is 100% unique and so are their concerns, expectations, and future outlook. Life Coaching is the ultimate competence that would help you support your clients in dealing with their concerns. It provides nurturing support for a dynamic range of personal and professional matters.

So why should you join this course?

  • The subject matter gives us profound insights into understanding the human experience and the factors that motivate human behaviour.
  • The naturally helping nature of the profession. Understanding the human mind and emotions can enable life coaching students to improve multiple aspects of their own life.
  • Work more successfully in different ‘people’ environments
  • Become more valuable team assets 
  • Beneficial if considering a career in people management or leadership
  • Life Coaching is a fascinating and thought-challenging subject
  • Helps develop several interpersonal skills and transferable professional abilities.
  • Communicate effectively with other people
  • This course has improved in every Life Coaching student’s life in one way or another, often without even realising it!
  • Those who commonly study Life Coaching are teachers, medical professionals, physical trainers, parents, psychologists, achologists, social workers, leadership teams, professional helpers, HR professionals, public speakers, and those who simply aspire to become more valuable and effective versions of themselves.

Facilitator – Arushi Sharma
Duration – 20 Days