Spiritual Healing

Open yourself to the glorious miracles of life. Embrace the divine within you. Maximize your success.

Spiritual Healing

Open yourself to the glorious miracles of life. Embrace the divine within you. Maximize your success.

Create your destiny TODAY – By Getting Yourself and your loved ones attuned to A Magnificent life blessed with Love, Health, Peace, Success & Happiness through SPIRITUAL HEALING!

When you see with your inner eye,

then you realize that you are God and not different from Him – SHIRDI SAI BABA Spirituality is realization of the self, of your being nothing separate from the God.
When the soul incarnates on the earth it forgets that is a part of the whole, the Almighty, the Existence. It gets lost in the worldly affairs and forgets that it has come here to learn some lessons, for its ascension. It assembles some experiences, blocks & memories that come is a way of learning its lessons. This is a cause of disease and misery most of the times.

Just remembering God without faith and passion does not solve the problem. Rituals, Fasting and other such activities are not enough to reconnect with the God, the Source.

In Spiritual Healing, It is essential to heal the Self before healing the world. Spiritual Healing is accepting and understanding the presence of God beyond the human intelligence. Blocks have to be removed that come in the way. It can be practiced by anyone who has complete faith and willingness.

“As Master Spiritual Healer who has been working under the divine dictum, I help YOU release thousands of negative beliefs, emotions and attitudes from the human energy field. I offer advanced attunements and energy healings to develop and heal your physical body and your aura to guide your way to SELF- MASTERY.”

The Dynamics of Spiritual healing:

Science has proven that everything has energy that radiates vibrations at different frequencies. At birth our system and energy fields radiate at the highest frequency of absolute love which is optimal for physical health and well-being. After birth, however, we are contaminated by the negative influences of society which inhibits the growth of our conscience. This creates an imbalance in our energy fields and their frequency drops creating physical problems, disease, stress and discomfort.
The Spiritual Healing removes the excess negative baggage of the mind, body and soul by restoring vibration and frequency of your energy field to its original pure, healthy infant state. This energy flows to positively affect emotions, outlook, ambition, ability and possibility in your life.

Fundamentals of Spiritual Healing:

Although Spiritual Healing is a sum of select principles of energy healing, it is primarily based on the following fundamentals:

Fundamental of Life Force: All physical life has a life force or vital energy. This life force has various names in different healing traditions like prana in the vedas, ruah in the Old Biblical Testament, chi in China… Rapid healing is brought about by increasing the life force or pranic healing energy level of the affected part or the whole body.
Fundamental of Cleansing and Energizing. In Spiritual Healing, giving life force is not sufficient: it is also essential to eliminate the contaminated energy. Removing the diseased energy is called cleansing. Giving life force to a patient or an object is called energizing. The pace of healing can be increased by systematically and perfectly using the fundamental of cleansing and Energising.

Fundamental of Oneness. Oneness means that the patient and the healer are interconnected with each other since they are respondents of the earth’s energy and solar system. It means that we are part the whole cosmos. That’s why as a healer I use my vital energy to recoup and refill yours.

Distant Spiritual Healing

I offer Distant Healing where I send my healing energy to you or your loved ones without being in apparent contact with them. This remote healing makes it convenient for you to get healed without having to spear for a session, at a specific time scheduled by me.
Distant Healing is a highly advanced system of healing that utilizes divine energy to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes. Spiritual Distant Healing rejuvenates this natural life force to bring about a transformation in your body and aura. SPIRITUAL DISTANT HEALING is practised over distance on the energy field known as the aura, which has the blueprint of the physical body. This bio-plasmic sphere absorbs my transmitted life energy and distributes it to the mind, organs and glands to re-energize your life’s potential. I connect to the Divine Source of Energy which is aligned to your Energy field and provides optimum energy for your well-being at a specific time frame.

SpiritTake an Attunement in my class and receive more blessings from the Universe!!!

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