Vastu is the ancient Vedic science of design and architecture.


Don’t just look but experience and feel your home and your workspace. Do these spaces, which constitute the better part of your life, enhance your life and positively affect your relationships with your family, your guests, your colleagues or your clients!

Do they arouse a feeling of warmth and comfort or do they make you feel ill-at ease or adversely affect your endeavors and relationships?
In a lot of cases, homes and business spaces are extraordinarily constructed with the best interiors and the whole gamut, but the basic design ignores the enormous power of space – its ability to adversely or beneficially influence your life. Vastu uses the ancient wisdom of holistic design and spiritual cognizance to heal the discomforts of ill-constructed spaces and to design spaces and interiors optimally use the power of space.

VASTU- holistic design for wholesome living

Vastu is the ancient Vedic science of design and architecture. Perhaps the earliest known holistic design system of the world, Vastu combines the physical elements of design with the spiritual aspects. Vastu help you create living spaces that harmonize the rhythms and dynamism of nature with the inner self. Vastu has the inherent wisdom of the of yoga and Ayurveda, the Vedic science of wellness and longevity. This science and spiritual philosophy of Vastu brings about the divine interconnection of all creation. It is based upon respect of space as much as its utilization. It shows that if any aspect or force of nature is negated during design and construction, we are bound to suffer because we have altered the delicate balance of the universe.

Vastu Enhances

Cheerful health
Joy and Comfort
Ease through detailed spiritual attention to space, ventilation, color, design, material, element and direction
Creates contentment
Spiritual connection
Better relationships
Reduces space induced stress

Vastu Specialist & Grandmaster Healer Poonam is committed to the creation of holistic wellness through Vastu to help you create living spaces the respect the divine nature and celebrate the effervescent spirit of life. We are committed to The Joy of Living. We are committed to YOU!

Online consultation is available.You can send your Maps for vastu consultation.


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Download Free Reiki Book