Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Techniques your mind’s way to heal your body.


EFT is a profoundly deep and powerful therapy based on the fact that emotional trauma is one of the primary contributors to disease.

The delicate harmonic balance of the body, mind and soul is disturbed with certain happenings and circumstances. Their dark impact on the mind and spiritual well-being is such that medicine can seldom cure it.

That’s where EFT comes in. Studies have cited that EFT can remarkably decrease the negative impact of memories and happenings that trigger emotional pain. It’s only once the emotional distress is eliminated that the body can retain the balance, and catalyze the entire healing process. You can immensely benefit from introducing EFT to your healing process (be it you’re a teacher or a sufferer).

EFT often produces remarkable results in just the first session, the kind that you might experience after years of conventional therapy Once you experience the clearing out of emotional garbage through EFT, you shall next notice how physical ailments also start to become lesser. You’ll see that your sleep is sounder, your focus better, and your resolve stronger. Even stress, headaches and backaches will start to fade away once the mind-body balance is restored through EFT.

The best part is that you can apply EFT to just about all facets of life, from emotional, to physical to downright playful. So be it sports, work or personal life, EFT brings out the best in you – the lighter, happier you! EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) your mind’s way to heal your body

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Download Free Reiki Book