My backache is completely gone after learning and receiving Reiki.Full body reiki is a treat to my body and soul. I have learnt three levels and I am happy that I made this decision of taking the first step.

I had a stomach problem and I was catching a stomach infection time and again. I gave more Reiki to my Solar plexus Chakra. Now I am emotionally and physically a stronger person.

Every year I used to get Jaundice. After doing Reiki, it stopped completely and my health became better. There were constant fights between me and my husband, we were on the verge of getting a divorce. All my issues are now settled. Reiki has proven to be a boon for me and my family.

I thoroughly enjoyed the attracting clients course. Everything is really well organized and easy to figure out. They respond to emails directly if you have questions. I am just starting out, but I think its a great place to learn. Totally worth the money.

I find it very easy when u give easy examples to understand, means love to learn tarot without any pressure when studying from you.Initially you know I thought it will be difficult to remember so many cards, but after studying from you it is becoming more interesting to learn and go deeper into it.

Talking with you and taking Tarot guidance from you is itself a healing process. You always hit the nail in the head. Your reading is spot on always. My stress is immediately gone and I always develop a new perspective about life and my inner being after taking a reading from you! Thanks a lot!

Poonam Mam taught me tarot in an easy and interesting way. I am now predicting with full confidence.

I stopped getting anxious after practicing Reiki. Now it helps me look at the positive side of every situation. Negativity is completely gone.