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Services and Courses Offered at our centre

Poonam Sharma conducts individual sessions and also group session for Corporate, Educational Institutions etc. Her workshops and sessions are tailor-made according to the participants requirements.

Personal sessions for Astrology, Tarot, Performance enhancement and dealing with day to day stress can be requested by prior appointment.

Our Happy Clients

For no definite reasons, I was suffering from family
problems, thus leading to endless emotional issues. I was easily irritated and was angry most of the times, which affected my relationship with my parents. It was then, that one day my mother suggested me to go for Reiki sessions, where I met Grandmaster Poonam Sharma. I started with Reiki and realized I was more at peace gradually. During my first attunement session, I could feel some sensations and also, energy passing through my hands into my body. It was a fascinating, allmost a magical experience. My father’s attitude had also started changing towards me, becoming much more caring and loving now. I don’t react to petty issues now and just smile them away, maintaining peace in my inner self and outer surroundings. I’m thankful to Poonam ma’am for guiding me and helping
me through my difficult time. I also thank Reiki for helping me connect to The Divine and giving me inner peace.

I had to undergo a heart surgery few years back and I was being medicated for blood pressure control. Now my blood pressure is normal and I am healthy without a medicine.

My backache is completely gone after learning and receiving Reiki. Full body Reiki is a treat to my body an soul. I have learnt three levels and I am happy that I made this decision of taking a first step.

I had a stomach problem and I was catching a stomach
infection time and again. I gave more Reiki to my Solar plexus Chakra. Now I am emotionally and physically a stronger person.

Every year I used to get jaundice. After doing Reiki, it stopped completely and my health became better. There were constant fights between me and my husband. We were on the verge of getting a divorce. All my issues are now settled. Reiki has proved to be a boon for me and my family.

With the help of Reiki, my headaches are completely
gone. No matter how much I work, I don’t get tired easily. I work double the amount I used to, and don’t cry over the past issues. Even after sitting all day in front of the computer, my eyes don’t pain anymore like they used to
earlier. I worry less and I speak out my mind. Despite a few bad situations in my life, I don’t feel any sadness.

I stopped getting anxious after practicing Reiki. Now it helps me look at the positive side of every situation. Negativity is completely gone

Through Reiki, I got to know about my baby’s well being in my womb. I am able to send loving energy to my baby when I am anxious.

Download Free Reiki Book

Download Free Reiki Book