Poonam was drawn towards the mysteries of life since childhood. While everyone tried to convince her about the importance of compromising in life, the rebel in her wouldn’t let her sit still. She wanted to do something meaningful with her life, something that wouldn’t only help her but millions of others in their own journey as well. As she puts it, “when life felt meaningless, my own children- those two pairs of bright beautiful eyes made me want to push through and live my life to the fullest”.

As she grew up, she discovered the magic of Reiki. She found solace, not only in her learning but also her teachers and several other people who she met on this journey. Attending workshops, conducting seminars, and meeting people in this field of work! Each person brought with them a new learning, a new opening, a new awakening in her life.

Now, more than two decades into this empowerment journey, Poonam- popularly known as Mystic Poonam, is a renowned Reiki Grandmaster, Intuitive Tarot Reader, and an Empowerment Guru. She has a host of certifications and licenses including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and various other alternative healing modalities.

In her, you’ll find an empath, a guide. Her aim has always been guidance, to guide people and help them get a hold of their lives.

This work is particularly of importance to Poonam because the true essence and meaning of this work is rooted in how it has transformed her own life. Her mission goes beyond helping people; her mission is to empower people as she touches lives on this beautiful journey called Life!