Reiki is a holistic healing method that has been tested, experienced and recognized by the world


Reiki is a holistic healing method that has been tested, experienced and recognized by the world. The fundamental principle of Reiki is healing the energy field, the aura of the ailing body.

Reiki is all about restoring the vitality of life!That restoration is manifested through various therapeutic and spiritual modalities. The most common yet the most revered of them is Reiki. And because you’re on this page, it’s palpable that you are either curious or needful of this holistic powerful healing. Grandmaster Reiki Healer Poonam beckons power in you and assures you that you shall embrace and experience life in all its might, again and forevermore. You shall be healed and empowered to heal thyself!

Reiki heals the aura with the help of certain symbols, visualization, chanting of sacred words and transference of positive healing energy through the hands of the healer. Reiki channelizes and harmonizes the effervescent life force and removes defeatist negative energy from the body and mind. Reiki’s underlying basis is the presence of our energy field, that’s present like an astral body around the physical body, dispensing the healing energy to the chakras and they in turn to the glands. Reiki thus rectifies the imbalance in the body, penetrating the energy field and restoring vitality.


The English word reiki, meaning “an alternative healing method”, derives from the Japanese loanword reiki “mysterious atmosphere or feeling”, which derives from the Chinese loanword lingqi “spiritual atmosphere; cleverness.”

There is a spiritual life force, a vital innate energy that resides in all living beings. Hence: a therapy, apparently based on an ancient Tibetan Buddhist technique was developed in Japan in the late 19th or early 20th cent. by Dr Mikao Usui (1865–1926) in which the healer channels this energy from him- or herself into the patient by the gentle laying on of hands, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

This vital energy is mysterious and uncontrolled by us: One moment it arrives, the next it departs. So fine, there is nothing within it; so vast, there is nothing outside it. We lose it because of the harm caused by mental agitation. Reiki involves its power of understanding and influencing the ailing body’s atmosphere to initiate healing, through transference and conference of energies to restore the life force in the affected body.


Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui in 1922 whilst performing Isyu Guo, a twenty-one day Buddhist training course held on Mount Kurama. It is not known for certain what Usui was required to do during this training, though it most likely involved meditation, fasting, chanting, and prayer. It is claimed that by a mystical revelation, Usui had gained the knowledge and spiritual power to apply and attune others to what he called Reiki, which entered his body through his crown Chakra. In April 1922, Usui moved to Tokyo and founded the Usui Reiki Ryōhō Gakkai in Traditional Mandarin, meaning Usui’s Spiritual Energy Therapy Method Society in order to continue treating people on a large scale with Reiki.

According to the inscription on his memorial stone, Usui taught Reiki to over 2000 people during his lifetime, and sixteen of these students continued their training to reach the Shinpiden level, a level equivalent to the Western third, or Master/Teacher, degree.


Reiki gets its strength and integrity from the Five Reiki Precepts, meaning “The Five Commandments,” from the Buddhist teachings of being prohibited against killing, thievery, sexual misconduct, lying, and for intemperance. Grandmaster Healer Poonam abides and professes these these five precepts, or principles to her students and patients.

Reiki Believes miraculous spiritual medicine for all diseases and believes in secret art of inviting happiness

Just for today:

  • Do not be angry,
  • Do not worry,
  • Be in the attitude of Gratitude.
  • Do your work honestly.
  • Love and respect every living and non-living thing.

Every morning and evening, join your hands in meditation and pray with your heart.

State in your mind and chant with your mouth.


Reiki is inexhaustible and can be used to induce a healing effect. Anyone can gain access to this energy by means of an attunement process carried out by a Grandmaster Healer Poonam.

Reiki is a holistic therapy which brings about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Grandmaster Healer Poonam stresses the importance of the practitioner’s intention or presence in this process, while others claim that the energy is drawn by the recipient’s injury to activate or enhance the natural healing processes.


At Krish Consultations, the teaching of Reiki is commonly divided into three levels taught by Grandmaster Healer Poonam.

Master Teacher Level and Grand Master level is also taught to those who seek to teach and spread Reiki.

First degree

The first degree Reiki course called Shoden (in Japanese, meaning “‘Elementary/Entry Teachings”) teaches the basic theories and procedures. A number of “attunements” are given to the student. Students learn hand placement positions on the recipient’s body that are thought to be most conducive to the process in a whole body treatment. Having completed the first degree course, a Reiki practitioner can then treat himself and others with Reiki.

First Course duration is usually three hours. Online and inhouse courses are available.

Second degree

In the second degree Reiki course, Okuden (meaning “Inner Teachings”),the student learns the use of a number of symbols that are said to enhance the strength and distance over which Reiki can be exerted. This involves the use of symbols to form a temporary connection between the healer and the recipient, regardless of location and time, and then to send the Reiki energy. Another attunement is given, which is said to further increase the capacity for Reiki to flow through the student, as well as empowering the use of the symbols. Having completed the second level, the student can work without being physically present with the recipient – a practise known as “distant healing”.

Duration is 6 hours.

Third degree

Through the third degree, or “master training” sometimes given the Japanese name of Shinpiden meaning “Mystery Teachings” the student becomes a Reiki Healer Master.The word master does not imply spiritual enlightenment. According to the specific branch of Reiki, either one or more attunements can be carried out and the student learns a further symbol. The course includes learning of Master Symbol, Psychic Surgery, Dowsing and use of Crystals for Chakras.

Duration is usually 6-10 hrs.

Healing By Reiki

Reiki works in conjunction with the meridian energy lines and chakras through the use of the hand-positions, which normally correspond to the seven major chakras on the body.

Hand positions are an integral part of reiki and energise on many levels by,

Energising on a physical level through the warmth of the hands,

Energising on the mental level through the use of the Reiki symbols,

Energising on the emotional level through the love that flows with the use of the symbols,

Energising on the energetic level though the presence of an initiated practitioner as well as the presence of the Reiki power itself.

Reiki can solve more problems in life other than health

In our times of distress and agony, we feel depleted of the force to carry on. We need an external arbiter of energy to revitalize us. Grandmaster Healer Poonam has devised special Reiki healing program to heal those ailed by the fast paced life that is easy to use as well as easy to incorporate in your daily life routine for your holistic health, wealth and total well-being.

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