In the temporary use of language there is the word “Aura”, but the meaning can be quite different. For many people, the Aura is only the radiance of human beings. For scientists, it is a concrete, existing energy field that surround living creatures. The Aura is formed by subtle color radiances which surround the body of a human being. These radiances can be perceived by a psychic. Each color signifies a certain vibration which has different meanings.

The Aura, which is connected with the activity of the chakra (Sanskrit for “energy wheel”), reflects the individual state of consciousness. In that case, the colors of the Aura give us information about the quality of consciousness, as well as one’s emotions, thoughts, abilities and the vital energies of a person, place or a thing.


The KRISH VEDIC Aura Scanner is provided with PSB to produce a particular frequency, which is energized withninevolts battery with built in sensors. The whole instrument is mounted on L-shaped structure (but it is not a conventional L-rod maintaining that ratio), moving on a set of bearings held in both hands as shown in the figure. There is a yoke having four poles at the edge of the instrument. There is a space provided for sample box, which can be inserted into the instrument. This gadget can measure and quantify the aura energy of solids, liquids, gases, instantly then and there inK scale(measured in FEETS represented as K) after switching on the instrument. Since this instrument is giving enough information related to energy. Many organizations and learned people have come forward and owned it for their use or procured for validation studies.

This KRISH VEDIC AURA scanner is especially effective in diagnosing a person’s problem and scan the aura. It involves a pair of L-Shaped instruments which are to be held together upright. Switch on the instrument and put a particular sample. Each person has an aura and every one’s aura has 7 basic colours. Each human body has 7 main chakras or energy centres in the body. By using this device, we can identify which colour is depleted how much in a person’s body. If any colour is depleted more than 50 percent in the body that means the person is moving towards a serious sickness and also implies an urgent treatment should be undertaken. This scanner is a scientific instrument and guarantee 100% accurate results which clears out any doubt that the healer/practitioner may have otherwise. Whenever the diagnosis is 100%, the therapy becomes easy for the therapist. The aura kit includes Colour samples, Chakra samples, samples for negative and positive energy, Geopathic stress sample, 9 Planets samples Vastu samples, Samples for checking ghost energies, allergies and compatibility.

KRISH VEDIC AURA SCANNER is capable of taking your practice to the next level if are already working in the field of Vastu, Reiki, Astrology, Chakra Healing, Colour therapy, Pranic Healing, Energy Clearings or Homeopathy or Ayurvedic medicine.