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  • Learn Hypnotherapy for Healing +

    Coming up.....ChandigarhHypnotherapy Class. Register for May 2018 Mind is the master.Root cause of all diseases is in the mind. Learn Read More
  • Reiki level one class +

    Learn Reiki level for self healing. Level one class on 18th March 2018 11am to 2pm in Chandigarh. Venue House Read More
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Poonam Sharma

Your Guide, Mentor, Counsellor, Tarot card Reader and Spiritual Teacher

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Your Soul’s Retreat for Wellness and Mastery

Master Healer POONAM started KRISH CONSULTATIONS, integrated Healing & Teaching Consultations, in 2005 to help people experience physical healing, emotional release, and spiritual consciousness. Based in Chandigarh, India we offer a wide variety of healing programs and teacher training programs that integrate the higher healing arts of the East with the best in the Western.


Our Mission is to guide you in eternal tools and spiritual healing principles that you can use to nurture your own health, restore balance, and create greater joy and fulfilment in your lives.


KRISH CONSULTATIONS, blessed by his divine light, serves as a nurturing service for the soul which people use to unload their emotional baggage, to heal their physical pain, find release from the toxicity of life, empower themselves, and connect to their inner spiritual self. In spirit, you don’t just heal yourself with KRISH CONSULTATIONS but find yourself and regain the power to your being.

To Help Heal Humanity is what powers KRISH CONSULTATIONS. For years, hundreds of people from around the world have experienced profound healing through the transformative CONSULTATIONS modalities practiced and developed by KRISH CONSULTATIONS. If you are struggling with physical illness, emotional turmoil, career-related stress or loss, sapping relationship karma or any other problem that is making life a constant pain, KRISH CONSULTATIONS will immerse you in spiritual nourishing, healing to set you on a path to maintain and increase your wellbeing.

KRISH CONSULTATIONS is also a great platform for budding healers and masters who can learn, hone or practice with us. We love collaborate with other masters to together heal the world. 
So whether you’re a master, healer, sufferer or just visiting us, KRISH CONSULTATIONS welcomes you with open arms and an infinite heart.

Join Us 
Heal Yourself, Unleash Yourself, Master Yourself & Learn To Heal Others!

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